History of the Graupa Hunting Chateau (Jagdschloss)


first mention of the village “Crup”


Graupa = three-sided farmyard where sheep and fish were raised, as well as vineyards

since 1547

a feudal estate in Großgraupa


Christoph von Loss acquires the manor

about 1600

creation of a game reserve, which was in use until 1827. The manor residence develops into the “Jagdhaus “ (hunting house).


Graupa is identified as the property of the Freiherr )baron) von Friesen

1666 (presumably)

construction of a new, stately manor house which originally had a stone coat-of- arms mounted above the main building’s entrance.


After the death of the Freiherr von Friesen the property goes to the Elector and becomes a “Schatullengut” (that is, the private property of the Elector). Construction of the Jagdschloss as a baroque structure, incorporating parts of the previous building.


the Jagdschloss is severely damaged by fire and is immediately rebuilt. The small bell tower is added in 1839.


The Jagdschloss becomes state property. The grounds are used as the seat and residence of the Pillnitz forestry office. The Royal Forester takes up residence in 1939. The agricultural business at the adjoining farm is continued.


parts of the estate around the Dorfplatz as well as buildings on the grounds of today’s Tschaikovskyplatz burn down.


the abdication of the Saxon king, the Jagdschloss becomes the property of the Saxon Free State, in use as the seat of the forestry commission.


The state commity “Sächsischer Heimatschutz” donates two swans for the Schloss pond, in memory of Wagner’s opera “Lohengrin.”


A so-called “Pappelmuttergarten” is begun, as an experimental breeding establishment, by the forester. This is later declared part of the Dresden state forestry experimental office.


A festive concert is held in the Jagdschloss courtyard, honoring Wagner’s 150th birthday.

since 1965

The Jagdschloss serves as the municipal office, as well as offering space for further public institutions such as the village library and the Kindergarten.

Starting 1982/83

restorative work on the building


Until the start of the complete restoration in 2006, the Jagdschloss is in use as the village office. It was also used as a meeting place for the seniors of the “Volkssolidarität Graupa/Bonnewitz.”

early 2006

city council resolution to create the Richard-Wagner.Stätten Pirna-Graupa, incorporating the Jagdschloss.


the Jagdschloss restoration begins


annual guided tours of the newly reconstituted Jagdschloss are held on Open Monument Day


The new concert hall is used for the first time.

Febuary-April 2012

Special advance exhibition “Mein lieber Schwan.”

January 13, 2013

Opening of the Jagdschloss with new permanent Richard Wagner exhibition.


Postal address

Kultur- und Tourismusgesellschaft Pirna mbH
Richard-Wagner-Stätten Graupa
Richard-Wagner-Straße 6
D-01796 Pirna OT Graupa, Germany

Open hours

November 1 to Holy Thursday
Tues-Fri 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sat/Sun/holidays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Good Friday to October 31
Tues-Fri 11 am to 5 p.m.
Sat/Sun/holidays 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

or by phone reservation

Museum admission

Adults 7 €
Reduced 4 €

Please purchase tickets at the Jagdschloss


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