Permanent Exhibition

Richard Wagner Sites Graupa

Richard Wagner's Works and Life

As soon as you enter the hunting lodge, musical sequences from Richard Wagner's operas greet you - an atmospheric welcome that sets the mood for the character of the museum. The color design of the museum in blue and purple tones is also atmospheric, which refers to the fact that Wagner was a highly emotional, lively man of the theater.

From Farmhouse to Museum

To commemorate the stay of the village's most famous guest to date, two museum rooms have been set up in Schäfer's farmhouse, the "Lohengrinhaus". It is the oldest authentic Wagner residence that is still used as a museum. Today, the reconstructed living quarters and an exhibition on the genesis and reception of the opera "Lohengrin" can be experienced here.

Highlights of our Permanent Exhibitions


Conduct yourself for once – it becomes possible in the virtual orchestra pit. Interactive screens show when which instrument produces which sound and how this is reflected in the score.

Technical and emotional highlights of the presentation are a holographic theater and a virtual orchestra pit, supplemented by audio stations.

360° Tour

Just out of the opening hours?

A virtual tour gives you a first glimpse of the Richard Wagner sites in Graupa.

Videos on individual exhibits allow visitors to immerse themselves.

My trusty swan!

Richard Wagner spent a total of eleven weeks in Graupa, a small village near Pillnitz, the summer residence of the Saxon princely family. He rented two rooms in a farm with his wife and their dog Peps. Hikes in the area to the romantic mountain world of Saxon Switzerland with its bizarre rock formations and untouched valleys helped to calm his nerves and inspired him to compose.