History of the Hunting Lodge Graupa

1350First mention of the village "Crup".
1401Graupa = Estate with sheep farm, fish farm and a vineyard.
since 1547There is evidence of a manor in Großgraupa.
1547Christoph von Loss acquires the manor.
about 1600Establishment of a game reserve which was used until 1827. The residential building of the estate develops into a hunting lodge.
1659Graupa is documented to be the property of Baron von Friesen.
probably 1666Construction of a new massive manor house with coat of arms, which was originally attached above the entrance door of the main house.
1755After the death of Baron von Friesen, the property passed into the hands of the Wettin elector family and became their private estate. Construction of the hunting lodge as a baroque facility incorporating parts of the previous building.
1800Fire at the hunting lodge and immediate reconstruction. In 1839 the capping turret was added to the building.
1831The hunting lodge is outsourced from the private property of the Saxon king and thus effectively becomes state property. Use of the facility as the official residence of the forester of the Pillnitz forest district. From 1839 the royal forester resided here. The agricultural activity in the adjoining estate is continued.
1875A part of the properties around the village square and the farm buildings, which were probably in the area of today's Tschaikowskiplatz, burn down completely.
1918After the Saxon king abdicated, the hunting lodge became the property of the Free State of Saxony. Use as a forest administration office.
1933The Association „Sächsischer Heimatschutz“ (Saxon Homeland Security) donates two swans for the castle pond as a reminiscence of Wagner's opera "Lohengrin".
1941/42In the castle park, the forest master creates a so-called "poplar mother garden" as a test and breeding facility, which is later declared to be the test farm of the Dresden State Forestry Office.
1963On the occasion of Richard Wagner's 150th birthday, a large festival concert takes place in the courtyard of the hunting lodge.
from 1965The Jagdschloss serves as the municipal office and offers space for other public facilities such as the municipal library and the kindergarten.
from 1982Renovation work on the hunting lodge.
2005Until the start of the first renovation work in 2006, the hunting lodge is used as the local authority. Until then, it was also a meeting place for the senior citizens' group of the Graupa/Bonnewitz People's Solidarity Society.
At the beginning of 2006At the beginning of 2006, the city council decided to create the Richard Wagner sites in Pirna-Graupa, including the hunting lodge.
2009Start of the renovation work.
2009 - 2012Annual guided tours through the restored hunting lodge as part of the Open Monument Day.
2011/12The new concert hall is used for the first concerts and festive events.
Februar - April 2012Preliminary special exhibition "My Trusty Swan".
January 13, 2013Opening of the Jagdschloss (hunting lodge) with ist new Richard Wagner exhibition.