Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner was a firebrand. A revolutionary in music who actually wanted to revolutionize all of humanity. And a blessed sound magician. His music captivates the senses, even when expressing the most complicated thoughts and the most subtle psychology. Generations of musicians have drawn from Wagner's inventions. Today's film music would be unthinkable without them.

Wagner's ideas and his character move people's minds to this day – perhaps precisely because he has the brilliant next to the controversial. Discover with us the cosmos of this unique artist from Saxony.

Stages of Wagner's Life

Wagner lived a restless life. In the summer of 1846, a three-month vacation took him to Graupa. Here he rented two rooms in a farmhouse with his wife to recover from the rigors of his service as Kapellmeisterdienst. He hiked a lot, and the idyllic natural landscape between Pillnitz and the romantic mountains of Saxon Switzerland inspired him to compose. The musical draft of his opera “Lohengrin”, his most successful work to date, came about in a frenzy of creativity.

Hunting Lodge Graupa and Lohengrin House

Exhibitions and Rentals

In our museum, Wagner's time in Saxony, his childhood, youth and school days, his friends and stages of life as well as the impact of his work up to the present day are illuminated. In addition, the hunting lodge can be rented for weddings and celebrations.